Saint-Petersburg / 100 m² / 2020
We have created an interior for relaxation.
A young couple asked us to create a relaxed interior with a vacation and travel atmosphere. We have chosen the most practical materials that age beautifully and are pleasant to the touch. After a new redevelopment, the kitchen was combined with the living room and dining room into one space, a laundry room and two dressing rooms appeared, the living room was separated from the hall thanks to a stylish partition.
Visual concepts
Квартира в ЖК Золотая гавань
The clients wanted to hide the kitchen from view as much as possible, so we used a single color solution for the entire room, visually highlighting section c with wooden panels. built-in technology. The apartment has plenty of storage space in case guests arrive: built-in wardrobes, a separate dressing room in the hallway, a dressing room in the bedroom. The dream of a dressing room in the bedroom and a separate office has come true!